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Laundry 101

As you start your college career, you will be entering into a lot of "firsts" in your life - first time away from home, first time cooking for yourself, and, of course, doing your laundry for the first time. However, taking care of your clothes doesn't have to be a chore; our "Stain Guru" Norma Keyes is here with useful insights to help you pass Laundry 101.

Remember these tips when doing the laundry, and getting your clothes clean will be a breeze!

  • Sort your clothes: one of the most important tips to remember is to sort your clothes by color. Wash whites and darks separately to avoid color bleeding. It will cost you a little more money to do two loads rather than washing everything together, but your clothes will last longer - saving you money in the long term.
  • Check the washer or dryer before you put your clothes in: you never know what others have left behind. Just think: a lost tube of lipstick could spell disaster on your bright white t-shirts! Also, be sure to clean the lint trap in the dryer before drying a load, as this will prevent fires.
  • Always read the fabric care label: laundering your clothes according to their manufacturer's instructions ensures you won't make a costly mistake - like putting a shirt into the washing machine that should be hand-washed. Check the fabric care label when you purchase apparel to make sure it won't be too costly to care for. Cotton apparel is easy to care for, since it doesn't need to be dry-cleaned.
  • Don't overload the washer: you'll be tempted to cram as much dirty laundry into the washer as possible, but too much stuff and your clothes won't get as clean as they could.
  • Don't let your clothes sit in the dryer: remove your clothes and fold them immediately after the dryer cycle ends, which will prevent wrinkling.

Taking the time to do your laundry carefully means your clothes will look newer and last longer - which is always important on a tight student budget!

For more information on caring for your cotton clothes, check out Norma's Stain Guide, for some tips and techniques on removing common stains. Or watch Norma as she stars in a series of webisodes ranging from how to fold those pesky fitted sheets, to removing holiday stains.