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Teachers' Lounge
Try these links with your students to introduce them to surprising and fascinating facts about our country's history and the science of agriculture, as well as foods we eat and fabrics we use every day.

Letter to Educators ▸ Grade Level 4-8
Cotton's importance both as an agricultural commodity in the U.S., and as an oft-used items in our everyday lives, means it's a good topic by which to engage students. Learn more here.
Cotton Coloring Books ▸ Grade Level 4-8
Follow cotton's path from seed to fashion!
Fabrics and Fibers Glossary ▸ Grade Level 4-8
This glossary provides brief explanations of different fabrics and fibers, how they're manufactured, a little history about them, and some fun facts.
Science Class: True or False ▸ Grade Level 4-8
Five quiz questions to test your students' knowledge of agriculture and materials pertaining to cotton.
Cotton Fun Facts ▸ Grade Level 4-8
Several surprising facts about cotton.
Ask Norma ▸ Grade Level 4-8
Earn points by answering a series of questions about fabrics and laundering.
The Science of Cotton ▸ Grade Level 4-8
How long has cotton been cultivated? What are its some of its versatile uses? Find out here.
Cotton Quiz Time ▸ Grade Level 4-8
Earn points by answering a series of questions about inventions and history.
The Fabric of America Historical Timeline ▸ Grade Level 4-8
Traces key moments in the history of cotton, from 1607 to present. Learn about the first cotton mill, miniskirts, blue jeans, and more.
Drag N' Drop ▸ Grade Level 4-8
Drag the image to show the correct answer, a series of five questions about cotton's history, influence, and growth.
World of Cotton Slideshow▸ Grade Level 4-8
A video overview of how cotton is cultivated and used, filled with historical facts and surprising details about cotton's versatility and growth.
Overview of Grades 4-8 Educational Content on www.cottoncampus.org