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The Environmental Science Building


The cotton industry made sustainability a key initiative long before it became a catch-phrase, having made great strides over the last several decades in growing more cotton using less natural resources. Cotton Incorporated leads the global cotton industry by providing the research and resources necessary for meeting the current and future demand for cotton in ways that are profitable and sustainable.

By 2050, there will be 3 billion more people on the planet - more than 9 billion people in total. Food production must double to meet population needs, and fiber production must triple to clothe the growing population.

Cotton is the best-selling natural fiber in America today. Thanks to a steady stream of scientific advances in growing cotton, processing it and manufacturing cotton products, the cotton industry has been reducing its environmental impacts over the course of the last 40 years. Anticipated new environmental advances, as well as newly-discovered uses for the cotton plant, will only serve to further underline cotton's role in providing for the world's growing population in sustainable ways, and ensuring its continued popularity.